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T60M-1200-6 Baking 60? Auto Dry Cabinet is a plug and play, fully auto dry cabinet which will be stable at 60? and ?1%RH. It is especially designed for moisture sensitive SMD packages.


Slash Type Window

- Function: store ISO documents such as work sheets or quality instructions. 

- Benefit: avoid human errors, simplify QA management.


Innovative Humidity Management Tool

- Data Logger GT-02(option): automatically record ambient & internal humidity data.

- Benefit: save labor cost, simplify performance monitoring.


Automatic Alert Function

- Display built-in alarm: activate the flash & buzzer when the humidity or temp. is higher than the setting of upper limit.

- Benefit: avoid abnormal humidity conditions by reminding users in real time.


Interior Lighting

- The LED light can be turned on by door opened or switch.


Calibration Reminding Function

- When the hygrometer runs over 365 days, the display will be flashed for reminding users.

- Benefit: comply with ISO regulation, avoid inaccuracy of hygrometer.